Saturday, June 21, 2014

Learning To....

 Learning to walk an authentic life is no easy task, as it simply translates to walking your talk. Over the past seven years I have been through a lot, many trials and tribulations have presented themselves to me through situations and people who appeared in my life story, whether positive or negative in nature all came to teach me to stand in my own power and to be authentic.
Having walked alone for such a long time forever searching for that place where I fit in and belong this past year lead me into many situations and relationships that has seen me undergo the biggest transformation thus far in my earthly journey.
I made a commitment to myself to heal and to transform, what has transpired has granted me the greatest insight into myself and to others.
 Community was what I sought, I craved it on such a profoundly deep level, not being able to deal with the restraints and rules of "normal" society I had a deep desire to reconnect with the ways of my ancestors. 
I wanted more than anything to be apart of a community of people who shared my passion for seeing life as I did.
Modern life is designed to keep us busy, wanting and needing. Doing things that keep our minds busy, making certain that time to sit and connect into our inner realm is something we do not receive.
I found, or so I thought such a community a year or so ago, one where as a group we connected in deep meditation to the beauty of silence. 
Quiet time not only educates us it also heals us and in the last year I had connected deeply into the amazing inner realm where I worked hard on confronting the shadow sides that encircle me bringing  lessons designed to show me truth in all that I do.
I have no attraction to drama and the mindlessness of ego centred people and in returning to the nurturing space of my quiet inner realm deeply and frequently over the past year I have learnt that being authentic to my self first and foremost is the greatest lesson I have been given.
It is easy to float along in life presenting to the world the image you wish people to see, however being true to yourself and to walk a path of truth to yourself is the a challenge that many do not undertake, especially when this inner work allows you to see that all is not what it appears to be and you are compromising yourself. 

As I walk away from a community which I searched long and hard to find I have come away with the a great respect and love for myself.
And for those I leave behind.
I no longer sell myself short, nor do I do anything just to fit in to be apart of the "crowd" I now once again walk in my truth.

As I close one chapter I begin another, no ending is easy, and in walking away I do so with a happy and lightened heart.

I give thanks to all those souls who assisted me on this remarkable and emotional life change for without them I would not be where I find myself today, and through them I have seen the importance of residing in a place of love and authenticity.
Even when I am alone.
There is no room in my life for petty squabbles, gossip nor any interactions that involved negativity in any way shape or form.
Life is gift.
I wish to live it in harmony, in happiness and with love.
Each day offers us a new page to write, all we have is this moment, we need to make each moment count. We need to remain centred in the heart space and to come from a place of truth.
To do no harm to ourselves, others or the environment.
As I walk towards a new story I do so with three amazing souls who have shown me that love and friendship offered in truth really does have the ability to completely transform ones world and to allow the soul to rise and to shine like the brightest of all the stars.........

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Cloudia said...

AMEN! Your authenticity blesses my own! Every word true and important!

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3