Monday, June 02, 2014

Giving Thanks.....

 Giving thanks for changes and the gift of friendship.
There are always positive boons of each personal connection, even the painful situations.
The ending of any relationship can be difficult. 
Most endings are.
 Moving on without anger or hatred present has taught me a lot,  it teaches me when it is time to move on there is nothing you can do to prevent it, it is simply the time to have new experiences and new friendships.
 Separation with intimate couples should not mean that there needs to be anger and hatred present either, my last partner and I have remained friends, meeting up every few months for a meal and a chat. 
Both of us found in the early days of our separation that others found this challenging that we were still on good terms and both flatly refused to be involved in conversations designed to bad mouth the other. 
Most people we both knew where not comfortable with the fact we wished to remain friends. 
Being aware of the different levels of love takes time to learn.
And as I continue to expand and learn about love I am humbled consistently by how beautiful the gift of truth and real friendship is.
Once in the soul forever in the heart.
In recent months I have again have endings come to escort others from my life.
Some have gone kicking screaming and shouting in anger, others have recognised the ending and have drifted away with dignity.
Life brings us an endless stream of support actors in our own personal life movie.
Some are with us the whole way through, others may flit in and out, and some are here for a moment or a season. Regardless of the time we spend with these people and whatever circumstances drew us together, they all came to share a little piece of themselves with us, they all came with love.
Having endured many painful moments in my past it took me a long long time to realise that love is always present, even in abusive situations, as somewhere deep down in the core of each of us is a being of love.
Moving on with love is deeply sorrowful, seeing only the gift of love in the ending of each relationship/friendship leaves you no choice but to grieve the ending thus cleansing your heart of tears whilst being able to see the reasons for the parting.
It usually indicates it is time for one or both of you to grow.
Those that touch our souls never leave us completely. If our hearts connect with another through friendship or intimate relationship the gifts of these connections are what shape us and assist us in growing as a person.
I am now able to express with those who have changed me the most how much gratitude I have for their presence in my life.
Having had such a conversation yesterday morning I realised how freeing it was to speak from my heart and to share my thanks to a very special person who too sees the beauty of an ending.
Hating is a waste of energy, as is anger and blame.
When the time comes to move forward into new chapters of our lives it should be done with gratitude and thanks, not with shouting and anger or a list of what someone sees as your faults. No one knows us as well as they think they do, it is just their interpretation of what they think they know. But if you have never looked through my eyes and walked in my shoes you could not possibly know my life, and I am aware enough to know I have no conception about your life either
All the moments that lay behind me float away on a silent breeze, those lingering ahead drifting ever closer.
For those who have shared my story and for those who have not yet arrived, I thank you............

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