Monday, June 02, 2014

Dressed And Ready.....

 Dressed and  all ready and willing for some physical and fun work this morning.
Wood stacking.
With the delivery of this ute load of split wood I needed to get it moved and covered before the rain starts later today.
 The job did seem a little daunting I have to admit
And I am still not that good at all these country chores I have to keep on top of.
Chopping wood for one is not as easy as it looks and thankfully there is a lot of small pieces in this load unlike the first load I had delivered, where one afternoon I spent an hour and half attempting to split one piece of wood, this wood use to be power line poles so it is dry and looks easier to split.
 Clearing my mind and listening to the constant chatter of the birds as they fed in the yard I began moving the wood from one pile to another letting the flow of life around me set the pace.
 Halfway there after only half an hour seemed like a pretty good effort even if I say so myself.

 Shedding my jumper as I got more into the rhythm I had set even though the morning was briskly chilly, feeling my body enjoying the challenge of lifting some of the bigger pieces of wood.
Who needs a gym membership?
 Less than an hour later it was all moved.
 Covered and waiting to be used when needed.

Simplicity is the key to a happy country life...............

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