Sunday, June 01, 2014

Before Me.....

Before me the path meanders ahead slowly winding it's way into tomorrow.
As I amble along this ever changing road I am shedding what I no longer require.

Not all of us view life as a very long lesson in personal growth, many just plod along one foot in front of the other never questioning nor changing anything, just accepting what is.
I have aways had an inner calling to see beyond what I was taught to believe, that life has to be more miraculous than mundane. 
The trouble with modern society is that it has been designed to take up all of your time, not giving you an instant to sit and be still.
In the past five months I have learnt to be authentic to myself.
To no longer compromise my integrity in favour of appeasing someone else.
Being authentic means staying true to my heart and not following what someone else thinks or wants when it clashes with my own personal truths.
Learning to see when a release is necessary, giving thanks and love for the gift of friendship or lesson that no longer serves, and just letting go with love.
I can no longer abide anger, negativity, tunnel vision or control in my life, instead I invite peace, harmony and truth to accompany the love I have for this humble little life I lead.
Learning to walk my talk is a life long quest,  it is a way of such deep and profound healing that has totally transformed all areas of my life.
As I work out the old outdated patterns I purge this negative energy out through my physical body, allowing the new and vibrant to enter thus redirecting my personal life journey.
So many things have changed in the few months I have been here living in the clouds.
What is no longer required is being set free allowing for the new and magical to enter my realm. 
Life is but a dream............

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