Monday, June 02, 2014

A Utterly Wonderful...........

 A utterly wonderful surprise arrived all the way from Texas a couple of months ago from someone who I have never physically connected with, but from someone who I connected with here on Blogger, a fellow blog keeper.
I knew the parcel was on the way as Luksky had to asked for my address.
When the box arrived I was trying to guess what would be in it.
 When I read the letter enclosed I had tears in my eyes, and as I took out each hand made piece of art the tears continued.
This bag has become my essential shopping companion, and has drawn many complimentary comments. 
 These fabulous oven mitts are absolutely great. Who would have thought that old jeans could be so useful.
I have had comments on these too.
 Everyone who has seen them loves them as much as I do.
 And last of all this magnificent quilt.
I was dumbstruck at such a generous and stunning gift.
Once unfolded I sat and did cry at this beautiful gift I had received.

 Of course I had to try it out on my bed the moment I regained my composure and of course Tarmal and Pixie wasted no time in comfort testing this bright and quirky quilt.

 Each time I use these priceless gifts I smile.
I never would have thought that my blog writting would bring me a gift such as this.
 Saying thank you sometimes seems so inadequate and this time was certainly one of them.................

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