Friday, May 09, 2014

With Winter.....

 With winter finally breaking the drought of very long harsh dry and dusty summer I am learning the art of wood chopping.
It looks so easy when someone who can chop wood does it, it certainly is going to take a lot of practise.
Me well, at the moment I am lacking in upper body strength to even make the axe connect with the wood, let alone split it, bringing giggles from those who are showing me.
 Being up here many miles away from suburbia is like being in another time.
The lingering scent of burning wood hangs in the air, smoke lazily drifting from the chimney's swirling off into nothingness, the patter of raindrops on my tin roof all make these colder days so much more inviting.
Having always been a lover of the cooler months I am adoring the cosiness of my cottage as the days become shorter and my fire warms my tiny little home...........

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