Thursday, May 22, 2014

LIfe Is.........

Life is a never ending journey of self discovery.
Some of us take this path a little more seriously than others, few never embark on the freeing path of uncovering the self, instead they plod along from one dreary day to the next.
I had become one of the trudging robots when I was living locked within the confines of the concrete jungle they call suburbia. 
The longer I lived squashed in with no real privacy the more disconnected I became. 
Moving up here to my tiny little magic cottage in the hills has been such a huge lesson in acceptance. As I shed what I no longer require, my life has become harmonious and peaceful.
With so much work to do on my humble home I see it as myself mirrored back to me, as this neglected little cottage transforms slowly, so do I. Moving back into the country has been the best medicine for me, for here up in the clouds I can breathe and truly relax into the uplifting embrace of my beloved Gaia.
The longer I reside here the deeper the land speaks to me, the more profound the inner changes become.
I suddenly saw how sick living down there in the city was making me, how the demands of an unsatisfying job was draining me, how weighed down I felt just by existing.
Here though, I am expanding in such vibrant ways, I wake to the sounds of singing birds, whispering winds dancing through the leaves or just a deep silence. 
The ancient jarrah tree that stands firmly in the front garden offers protection and wisdom, this wisdom seeps into me, this sharing has me learning to stand as strong as she, to trust the unspoken knowledge that she extends to me.
Nature has always been my teacher, for in her beauty she offers her wisdom with those who are still enough to listen, her love to those still enough to feel the warmth of her caress through the soles of their feet in each step we take upon the earth.
I always resist the onset of change, as like most I am comfortable with what is familiar, stepping outside of the comfort zone takes courage, learning to trust in the silent mystery of the universe requires one to open completely to the flow of life, to believe in the power of trusting your inner voice.
 For a time after moving here I thought I had taken on more than I could handle, in this resistance to change I encountered many challenges that seemed to wear me out. 
I had stopped listening.
I was reverting to the mass mentality.
I lost my inner peace.
Finally returning to my place of trust and suddenly things just flowed along with the universe, allowing the positive and harmonious to reenter my life.
As I have shed possessions, friends and work I have also cleared myself in a way I had not thought possible.
I have stepped away from fear.
Fear of being alone.
Fear of not being accepted.
Fear of failure, all gone.
Releasing fear was a gratifying lesson.
 I am able to see that what really matters first and foremost is my relationship with my self. 
I have to be authentic to me. to do what is right for me only, to be true to myself first and foremost, which means truly loving the self.
As many chapters come to a conclusion in my life I send with them my gratitude and love, for without the gifts of these situations and friendships I would not be who I am today.
Without an ending I could not have had a  new beginning, so onward I go into a future as yet unwritten..........

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