Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Had......

 I had learnt to live without having a dinning table since moving to the cottage last November. Yet of late it was beginning become a nuisance not to be able and sit and enjoy a meal around a table, especially now I have more people visiting.
 An impromptu stop at a secondhand store I found this tiny four seater setting which just fits perfectly in my little home.
 Of course the kitties had to give it the once over as soon as it arrived. Since being here most of our old furniture has gone and been replaced with smaller items more suiting to my quaint cottage.
 A nice space for one to sit as I prepare the food.
 Or maybe just a great place for a pre dinner snooze.

 It does feel much better having a table again, the strange thing was that it feels like the table has always been there, the cosy snug feeling is growing in my little place.
Slowly being shifted from being neglected to being loved.

 A place of joy and of harmony..............

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