Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Enjoying a rare day at home just pottering about and catching up on some of the many jobs that lay waiting in and around my tiny little castle. 
With the afternoon light casting a soft glow I ventured outside to brave the brisk wind for a quiet stroll.

 The peace flags add a bright splash of colour as I leave the back door, their messages a beautiful gift to all who grace my doorstep. Behind it the remaining leaves cling to the flame tree as winter slowly approaches, soon this beauty will be bare as the colder months embrace us.
 Being up here in the hills has transformed so much of me already, and the more I move into this artistic nurturing me the quirkier my taste becomes.
 The locals that share my home daily seem to be aware of the changes going on. 
The more I clear the yard, the more relaxed my feathered friends appear to be.
 These two wooden horses were discovered in a charity shop, they are so totally unique and wacky I knew that they would look great out in the garden, and perhaps great conversation pieces too.
 They have a happy vibe and normally produce a smile from me the moment I see them.
Soft and nourishing is the vibration of my little abode.
And as I tackle the outside little by little the garden is becoming a very relaxing place to unwind.
all add to the tranquil atmosphere I am after achieving at the cottage.
And as I begin my first winter here I am really enjoying the cold dark winters nights, the beautiful frosty mornings and the increased bird visitors that fly in and out all day long.

 It reallly is a place where I am harvesting love.
Growing happiness and smiling more than I have in a very long long time.
 My next project is to concrete around the house so that I can begin to grow a lawned area off to the back of the house.
Around the corner from the red chairs will become my outdoor bath area. I will plant some palms and shade loving plants here and create a cosy and seculded secret garden where either summer or winter I can enjoy a luxurious bath out doors.
 Ever so slowly it is all changing, I am in no rush.
As inspiration slowly inspires me I simply flow to the images I am given and know that over time this will become my unique and hidden secret hideaway..........

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