Monday, February 10, 2014

My House....

 My house for the next few days will be void of the hideous carpet that was here when I moved in which held a lot of negativity and a dreadful smell from the previous owners.

 The mess and dust that has been caused during this part of the renovation is unbelievable, even though the cats and I hid in the bedroom during the grinding procedure we were still covered in dust.
 I do not do well having to dwell in the upheaval of my home, but the finished look will really transform this open plan living area, I will at last begin to feel that I don't live in a shanty.
 I can live with the two toned kitchen, the fact the each side of the kitchen has different coloured cabinets does not bother me, I find it kind of quirky, but the state of the floors really did make me feel down as no matter what I did inside it still looked shabby.
 Even with the bare concrete the place has more light and I am beginning to see how much the drab old carpet and the paint splattered floor in the kitchen really gave off an air of gloom.
 Only a few more days to wait and finally I will be proud to in allowing visitors enter my little magic cottage..........

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luksky said...

Looks like it's coming along quite nicely.