Sunday, February 09, 2014

It Has Been A Long Time.....

It has been a long time since I have been prompted to write.
So much has been transforming in my world with my change of location from city to country.
Much growth and renewal so much is transforming.
Yesterday saw the cleansing of my humble little property with the removal of a pile of rock left over from the previous owners. 
This simple task has seen a massive change in the energy of the place, what was once an eyesore has now started to look welcoming, the place behind the garden will now be nurtured into a sitting area, under the canopy of the cape lilac tree.
Change is not what many people seek. Some will swap circumstances but never grow, they just remain stuck in repeating the same old patterns but with a different person or new location, few can take on board the road to true transformation, letting go of all that no longer serves them.
My little cottage is so tiny that I have no room for clutter, much of what I moved here with has been sold or just passed on to charity shops.
As I lighten my possessions I lighten my soul further stepping deeper into the truth of my true self.......

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