Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Out With The New.....

 Out with the new and modern house and transporting to the old unloved house was an epic adventure.
The disarray I lived with for what seems like months has left me behind, in actual fact it feels like I never lived in this house at all.
 Tarmie was his relaxed self about the packing going on around him, always time to stretch out and snuggle.

 Pixie on the other hand was not as happy about all the boxes appearing.
She does not do well with change.
And took to hiding again.
 Wendell took to watching all the action whist everything shifted around him.
 Whilst Spirit and Tarmie found another use for the empty boxes.
Kitty playground.

 Spirit then decided that an upturned mattress was an even better playground.
 For running across,
 and for running down.
 And then came the finally task.
The one I disliked the most.
Putting my babies in their cages and sending them to the cattery for what I thought was for a few days. 
Turned out to be eleven days.
I ended up with a truck full of furniture and nowhere to go as the people in my new house refused to move out.

 As I stood here looking at what was and what was happening I did not react to the situation in a negative way.
A cattery was sourced within ten minutes, I had a carport waiting for my furniture and I lived between two houses for the period that followed.
 Leaving here was not as I expected it to be.
I felt a massive sense of relief as I surveyed the empty rooms.
The denseness of suburbia was being left behind.

 So out with the new and shiny and in with the old and unloved.
It is time for me to live the life I have always dreamed of.
In a tiny cottage in a small country town.....

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