Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Next Task......

 The next task was to dismantle the old rickety fence to prepare for a new one to be erected.
The denseness of the negative energy that surrounded the cottage was overpowering.
The energy was stagnated and stuck, there was no flow around the house at all.
 Tearing down the fence was easier than we thought.
Most of it was easily kicked or pushed over.
 Among the items I need, a lawn mower is one of them, not that there is much lawn, just weeds, but with summer now here I need to keep the weeds low to make sure I can see what is lurking in them.
 As the old tired fencing disappeared the sense of release was clear to us all.
It felt like the house could finally breathe.
 This "pond" will be taken apart soon, and I will get a truck load of manure to feed the earth and to prepare for planting a garden in autumn
Knocking down the cubby house erected in the front of the house really made my day.
It was a hiding point for a local cat and there it stalked the birds who visit the garden.
Was happy to see this piece fall.
No more birds will be taken from here.....

Let The Light....

 Let the light shine in............

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Renovation Number One.....

 Renovation number one was the removal of the old unworking airconditioner.
An anicent artifact that had not worked for years.
In it's place will go this stained glass window.

 I picked up two of them for a good price.
As one waits patiently for it's new location, I am left wondering where the other one will end up....

Afternoon Stroll....

Afternoon stroll....

Let's Make....

 Let's make furniture.
Sounded easy.
Was it?
 I knew that moving to this little cottage was going to see me doing all sorts of different things.
But putting furniture together?
Really, I ask you do Iook like that kind of girl?
I never thought I would see the day!
 There were boxes and furniture all over the place for weeks.
But as I gained confidence I found that nothing is impossible, if I got something wrong I just took it apart and did it again.
And here it is my first attempt of DIY.....

And Then....

  And then the cats came home!

And Spirit in particular thought what on earth is this?
Where are we?
Because there was a piece of tin nailed to the veranda posts he could not see past it, so, him being him he thought of a way he could look.
Climb up!
 Finding places for everything was, and still is a challenge.
I have less room and no storage in the house.
De cluttering has begun in earnest once again.
 Tarmie was a little calmer than Spirit, and Pixie was nowhere to be seen.

 Already it begins to feel like me. Especially when I got my kitties back after ten days without them.
Nothing makes me feel as whole as I did when we were all together again.....

Getting The Key's....

 Getting the key's and moving into my new home was not as I expected, far from it in fact!
At the final inspection of the property I was disgusted at what I found, broken windows, holes in the ceiling, live wires hanging from the ceiling and more dirt than you could possibly imagine. 
I was shattered from having to sort out all of the above, and really thinking I had made a massive mistake.
We took Harley and Annie up to help us celebrate my new life in the hills, however I was not feeling positive about any of it.

 The house was dark, gloomy and completely barren of any warmth even with the fire we built burning away.
I left that first night feeling very despondent.
 The next morning armed with paintbrushes and ladders we returned to what I have called the shedding.
Clearing the old unloved feeling of this little house, and filling it with love, joy, abundance and peace.
 The house wreaked of cigarette smoke and dog, dirty dog. 
The carpets in particular held a strong unkempt odour.
 Looking into the main bedroom the enormous task that lays ahead of me was just starting to sink in.
Again the thought "what have I done" crept into my mind.

 The spare room looked less than inviting. although once the board was removed it felt better.
 The bathroom in particular was very unwelcoming.
Half finished and the tiles that were suppose to be left for me to finish this were taken. 
After coming from my new shiny bathrooms this was a bit of a culture shock, but nothing that I have not been able to get over.
The curtains are long gone,and with that simple gesture more darkness lifted.
 And the front room was just hideous.
Dark wood gave off a drab vibration.
The broken venetian blinds added to this awful feeling.

 Then came my first painting lesson!
With my friend showing me the way we set off to transform the energy of my little oasis.
 My two toned kitchen is another half completed renovation left over from the previous owners.
One that I find quirky, but will change in the future.
First to go was this hideous ceiling.
The darkness of the wood gave the house a cave like feel
It seemed to squash in on you.
Painting over it was hard work, but well worth the effort.
 Before we started the undercoating of the walls we began to paint happy things on the surface.
The first this smiling face.
 Looking lighter and brighter already.
Staring to feel some warmth entering my abode.
 Infusing the house with love was easy.
We just wrote it all over the walls.
 This was the last time I would have to look at this depressing view.
 The messages of positivity spread through to the bedroom, which even though it is not painted as yet. The blessings of our intent were placed upon the wall.
 Standing back once again to admire our work, again I was impressed as to how quickly the feel of the house was shifting.
 One must love home.
And have a home of love.
Love will ooze from this home, it will take me awhile to achieve it all.
But that is not an issue.
For the intent is firmly in place.
 As we began the first coat on the walls I was shattered and ready to leave it for one day.
Yet on we continued, me reluctantly I have to add.

 The kitchen looked so much better, even though it was a complete mess.
I was amazed at how paint could transform a room in a matter of hours.

 And nearly it was time for the second coat, and as the evening went on, the brighter I became. Completely worn out physically, but my heart was definitely brighter.
 And the finished task.
Light and lovely and bright.....