Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just In Time....

Just in time for my move I have rescued kitty number four.
Meet Wendell.
A starving stray who has luckily found his forever home.....

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Sitting in the silence of the early morning has become a thing of the past in this current dwelling of mine. Rising early after going to bed with a heavy cold I woke to the call to go outside to just sit in the quiet of the morn. Instead of the comforting silence I longed for I was greeted by the steady drone of traffic, even  at 2am.
 In nine days I will be leaving this house, beginning a new chapter in the being Gemel story, living in a quaint little wooden cottage in a small country village. My time spent in this house has been one of many changes, the deeper I pledged myself to living a life of authenticity the stronger the pull to leave the suburbs became. 
I am not a city person, never have been. To be surrounded by concrete and glass everywhere I turn is not what speaks to my heart. The growing disconnection of the human race as consuming becomes the modern persons quest to living a human life is not for me.
Instead I head for the hills.
To live a simple life, growing my own vegetables and herbs, having a garden with large trees and many happy bird folk to brighten my days will see me thrive once again.
Moving to an old small house is going to be an adventure, not just for me, but also for my feline family.
They too will have more stimulation and play space once their cat enclosure is erected. They will see a variety of wonderful new beings to watch for the safety of their new home.
I hope I am around when they see their first bandicoot, as I am told these are living in my new area in abundance.
Changes come and with them comes growth and my intention to surrender to what is yet to become.....