Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adding A Splash.....

 Adding a splash of colour to my bedside table with a bunch of jonquils and lavender, a little of natures magic to brighten my home ready for the home open.
 In the kitchen this week however I decided against another bunch of wattle flowers I discovered last week,  instead I opted for a handful of geraldton wax instead.

 The magic of mother nature never ceases to amaze me.
Each bloom so unique.......

Not Enjoying.....

 Not enjoying having my home open for inspection by potential buyers as it means Pixie and Tarmie have to be caged and taken for a drive during this time.
Pixie is such a lady, she nestles down and waits it out.
Tarmie on the other hand howls from start to finish and keeps trying to squeeze out of the carrier.
Makes me sad as I sit there with them. 
Soon it will all be a distant memory...........

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Enjoying Some....

Enjoying some still time.
Inspiration is beginning to seep through once again.
Has been a time of setting the wheels of change in motion.
Letting go.
And the biggest lesson of all.