Sunday, July 14, 2013

What A Glorious Day...........

 What a glorious day yesterday was.
I ventured up into the hills to visit my herbalist, then went to visit with friends.
Leaving the confines of the city is always a blessing for me.
I love nothing better than to be surrounded by nature.
 The sky was amazing yesterday.
The songs of the bird folk filling the air.
It was truly a perfect day.
 Never do I tire of the simplicity of nature.
Each moment is infused with perfection.
 The artistry of this realm is breathtaking.
 So moved was I by the vista before me that I stopped the car in awe as I gazed upon this view.
Sitting and soaking up this moment I could feel myself filling up with an abundance of unconditional love.
Love is literally everywhere.
It is silent and it seeps into the very core of my being.

 Continuing my drive home I took with me this immaculate energy with me.
Feeling the purity of truth within me, showering me with a gift of authenticity........... 

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