Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Is......

 This is no longer home.
As tranquil and restful as my current home is, it no longer feels a part of me.
I had noticed over the past few weeks the feelings of detachment have intensified and a part of me has now taken residence already up in my new little village.
It is a strange sensation.
I am here, yet I know a piece of me is missing. 
Already lingering in the surrounds of my new home, feeling the beauty of a country morning, hearing the birdsong filling the air instead of the unnatural rumble of traffic.

A home is not found in the bricks and mortar that surrounds you.
A home is found in the heart of the person who resides within the dwelling...........

1 comment:

Arti said...

I agree Gemel, when one moves into a new home it takes time to settle in. I am sure you will soon find your new home as warm as the older one! Hugs, Gemel :)