Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rising Out Of The Darkness.......

 Rising out of the darkness and challenges that offer the soul monumental growth can be a long and arduous path, one that can take many years. The avenue can meander along with stretches that seem to lead you nowhere, often you may find yourself stumbling, ever wondering whether the path will lead you out of the gloom that hampers your progress.
 There are times when you take one step forward and then two steps back, as you proceed to cleanse the dimness that surrounds you. Keeping faith in your quest and remembering that you hold the pen to your own life story keeps the certainty of your crusade alive.
The first step is knowing that you have the ability to move through the layers of denseness that weighs you down.
To know with certain clarity that you hold the key to your personal freedom.
The only thing that stops your healing is you. 
 Each of us has our own crosses to bear. Some are more challenging than others, some harrowing, so much so that they can leave you feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of their weight. You can become so weighed down by the depth of the gloom that infuses your life, yet if you focus on the light within your own heart, you will always find your way out of the anguish that swallows your soul.
 My own journey has been one of great tests that have seen me flounder many times as the weight of what I had to shed engulfed every part of my life. Of times so intense with darkness that I was sure that I would never find my way out.
And yet, always I kept climbing, knowing that the summit was there out of sight waiting for me to rise above the murk and reach that place of peace.

As I intensified my healing journey five months ago I was not prepared or the immense changes that have occurred within my body, nor my life story. I have been cleansed on all levels and as the healing deepens with each passing day nothing is as it was before.
Whatever issues we have to clear, however difficult they appear to be, there is always a way forward. Even if we are unable to see it. It is still there luring us towards it, gently prompting us forward.
Life is gift.
The hardships I have encountered in this lifetime have lead me to this moment. Without them I would not be who I am today. I take time to reflect on the gifts the darkness has presented me with, for without them I would still be stuck stomping along in desperation. 
Waking to the knowledge of my own power gives me the courage I require to continue towards my goal. And as I rise each morning to another day upon this earth I give thanks for the ability to see how far I have come.......

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