Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Watch Televison.........


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Brought.......

 I brought a piece of the countryside back with me when I returned home on the weekend.
A bunch of wattle flowers to brighten my little oasis up, as well as bringing the scent of the countryside inside.
It is a small reminder of where I will be living as soon as the universes get things moving to sell this house.
As I arrived home each afternoon this week the house has smelt divine. My mind had me pottering around my soon to be new abode.
Feeling myself there already.
Little things make my soul sing.......

Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking Advantage......

 Taking advantage of having me home for a full day yesterday my fur kids enjoyed a whole day preening and relaxing in the sunshine.
They are not going to enjoy the pending house move, but once they have a new kitty playground to explore I am sure all will be forgiven.......

This Little Kitty.....

 This little kitty caused quite a commotion yesterday morning as it sunned itself up on a neighbours roof.
The dog of my next door neighbours house was going nuts barking its self into quite a state.
Not that it worried the kitty one tiny bit, it just sat and watched the show below......

Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Is......

 This is no longer home.
As tranquil and restful as my current home is, it no longer feels a part of me.
I had noticed over the past few weeks the feelings of detachment have intensified and a part of me has now taken residence already up in my new little village.
It is a strange sensation.
I am here, yet I know a piece of me is missing. 
Already lingering in the surrounds of my new home, feeling the beauty of a country morning, hearing the birdsong filling the air instead of the unnatural rumble of traffic.

A home is not found in the bricks and mortar that surrounds you.
A home is found in the heart of the person who resides within the dwelling...........

In The Last......

 In the last six months I have found myself becoming more and more disconnected from my home. As my healing journey led me to a new herbalist whose clinic is nestled in the curative embrace of the country the more I yearned to be away from the harshness of the area I currently reside.
No longer do I find myself drawn to the beach. Since a fish and chip shop was erected there the energy of the coast has lost it's appeal.
Spending more and more time up in the country I made the statement some months ago of wishing to move back to the country.
As the months went past my quest seemed like it would never happen. Property after property I viewed. All either too expensive, too run down, or just further out of the city than I wanted to be. 

Then last weekend it all became a reality.

Having gone to view a friend of a friends house for sale I left feeling that the idea of moving to the hills was never going to happen. 
There was no way on earth I could find a property that I could afford.
Or one that had a house that felt right.
Returning back to my friends house and over a cup of coffee a conversation took place that was about to change both of our lives.

I was saying I was giving up hope of ever finding a place in the hills.
He said he was fed up of his current job and wanted to do something else.
As I left my friends and headed home, I passed a little cottage exactly like mine and as I passed it I said out loud.
"All I want is something like this. Something small like this would be just perfect. Is that too much to ask for?"
Driving on I really felt that I belonged here, in this very area.
The next afternoon I was told about a little brown cottage up for sale,even before I saw it, I knew, this was it, the one I had been searching for.
The following day I went to view it and put an offer in on it straight away, even though there is a lot of work to do. This house had me from the moment I heard about it.

Also on this day I found out that my friend had gone into work on Monday morning only to be told he no longer had a job.

Both of us got what we had asked for within two days of asking.

Change is on the way for me.
Change that will bring with it much joy and personal growth.
As I deepen my quest for complete healing on all levels of my body/mind the more I am aware of the magic of this realm. 
Mastering the art of thinking has showed me the way to manifesting a new way of living this earthly story.
One can not change their life if they are not willing to do the hard inner work that needs tending too. One can not go foward if they are still connected to the past.

As my story now heads into a new episode it paves the way to deepen my cleansing journey and as I direct my energy into a new area of creativity, each day brings forth a little more magic.

 Each day grants us a blank canvas to create with.
Each day has gifts there to enhance our earthly stories.
All we have to so is see with an open heart and be truly in the moment, then we simply have to sit back and be open to recieve the blessings that come our way......

My First.......

 My first two projects for my soon to be new home.
A candelabra and a old hanging basket which is going to become an outdoor chandelier.
The candelabra just needs cleaning and perhaps a change of colour.
I have a more creative project in mind for the hanging basket!

I shall get some small solar fairy lights and weave them in and around the frame of the basket and dangle crystals from the bottom of it. 
During the day the crystals will send raindows dancing around the garden. 
At night they will sparkle as the fairylights twinkle around them creating a place of magical wonder........

I Am Swapping....

I am swapping the noise chaos and manicured environment of the suburbs for this country cottage.
The sparkly and new will be replaced by this older unloved little haven.
The ideas that are running around my mind for what I can create here are endless. 

The gardens like the house have been neglected and hunger to be loved and nurtured. Can't think of anyone better than me to turn this from a dumpy ignored place into a thriving natural oasis.
The kitties will have a large cat run built for them amongst the trees, one where they can run and climb whist the local bird folk are kept safely away.
There is a pond in the front garden that needs to be moved, thoughts for an outdoor bath come to mind for this place instead.

 It is all systems go at the moment.
Offer in on the new house. 
Mine going on the market on Monday.
There is nothing else to do except packing and planning where to start once I have moved in.
 Spending the morning up at my friends house yesterday (who live on the same road as my soon to be new home,) I could already see myself living here.
I am disconnected from this current dwelling, my energy is now located up in the foothills surrounded by the beauty of nature.
I was absolutely overjoyed when I saw these three beautiful beings tied up behind my new house while their humans went to the shop. I shall be in paradise. 
I am so excited for this new chapter.
I will be close to my dear friends and surrounded by the serene gifts of Gaia.
What else can a girl wish for.......

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Inarticulate Speech of the Heart No. 1 - Van Morrison

In Recent Weeks.........

 In recent weeks I have not been home too often on the weekends, thus my fur babies have had limited play time outside.
 The search for a new home nestled amongst the hills has seen me leaving them more than I like to view property after property.
 I do however feel their need to be out in the fresh air, to explore and play in the miniature jungle I have created for them, having the freedom to chase butterflies and scurry amongst the foliage in their own private sanctuary.
 Sitting and watching their contentment fills me with happiness.
 For they ask for nothing, only love. 
And of that they have plenty.
 Simplicity is the key to happy heart........

Sorry Did You Say......

 Sorry did you say get down?

 Don't think so!
Especially when the word puppy is mentioned.......

What A Glorious Day...........

 What a glorious day yesterday was.
I ventured up into the hills to visit my herbalist, then went to visit with friends.
Leaving the confines of the city is always a blessing for me.
I love nothing better than to be surrounded by nature.
 The sky was amazing yesterday.
The songs of the bird folk filling the air.
It was truly a perfect day.
 Never do I tire of the simplicity of nature.
Each moment is infused with perfection.
 The artistry of this realm is breathtaking.
 So moved was I by the vista before me that I stopped the car in awe as I gazed upon this view.
Sitting and soaking up this moment I could feel myself filling up with an abundance of unconditional love.
Love is literally everywhere.
It is silent and it seeps into the very core of my being.

 Continuing my drive home I took with me this immaculate energy with me.
Feeling the purity of truth within me, showering me with a gift of authenticity........... 

Time For Some Puppy Love.....

 Time for some puppy love......