Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yesterday Was The First......

 Yesterday was the first Saturday in a very long time where I had no place to be.
It has been awhile since I have spent a weekend at home enjoying the ambiance of this space I have created.
I sat in gratitude for having this little abode, a place of safety and beauty, sparing many a thought for those who do not have this luxury. 
As my quest continues to find a new hilly retreat I realised that no matter where I find myself I always create a place of peace.
 In the course of my story I have lived in many places, in many different circumstances.
I have lived in a place of opulence where my bedroom gazed out upon an indoor pool, a place that held me captive.
As I began my solo existence I went from place to place, from a mouse infested shed, to a caravan  park, to sharing with others, hotel rooms, and a sleazy flat.
Walking through my earthly home yesterday I did so with a sense of achievement, for if I had not walked away all those years ago from a life of pain and confinement I would not be the me I am today.
 How we keep and furnish our homes reflects who we are.
Who we have become as we walk the school of Earth.
For those who fail to see the real meaning of being here as a human, possessions become more important than self love.
They seek to have, have have. Not seeing the emptiness in a house that radiates a status of wealth and prestige when the heart is empty, things may speak to the world of the money they have, however it also tells of a struggling heart. 

 Beauty comes first from the heart.
From loving the only real home we have here.
Our bodies.
Our homes reflect without prejudice what we are within.
Throughout my event filled life no matter where I found myself, no matter how dire the dwelling was I always filled it with beauty and love, honouring the shelter that was keeping me safe.

  The more I expand into my own healing I see how the vibration of my now home is changing.
It has a comfortable embrace of harmony that reaches out to block the denseness of the surrounding area to enter.
The oppressive decay of a society in pain.

 Here I am at peace.
Cradled in this cocoon of bliss.
As I have moved from place to place, transforming as I go, many things have been discarded along the way.
Things are simply things.
I do not have sentimental value to things any longer. It is the same with this house. It is simply bricks and mortar, which can easily be replaced.
What lies within follows me wherever I go.
It is not possessions or a huge new shiny house that makes a home.
A home comes from the heart.

 As day gave way to night the luminous enchantment of candlelight flickered, the intoxicating aroma of incense danced in the air, and I sat in quiet communion with my heart.
Thanking it for the journey we have shared and for the often heart wrenching lessons that have led me to the path of true healing. 
Most of all I gave thank fullness for being here right now and for depths of healing that this little dwelling has bestowed upon me in the times of deep inner purging.
Without my little sanctuary I know things would not be as they are now......


luksky said...

LOVE this post

Gemel said...

Thank you Laura :)

♥ ♥ ♥

Mandi said...

nice and cosy....dining table is back again.....and the garden has grown heaps...x