Monday, June 24, 2013

What If......

 What if by the willingness to let go of outcomes something wonderful just might have entered your story.
Something so subtle that you never thought to question the feelings you felt at the first brief encounter.
Something so deliciously pure that you thought it could be too good to be true.
Something magical.

 Casting my mind back to the point in question I realise I was utterly flabbergasted by the intense reaction my heart chakra had when I casually hugged a new friend, the emotion I felt was so piercing that I stifled a gasp as I pulled away in confusion. 
How could I react so strongly to a complete stranger?
It felt as it my heart was a flower dancing within me as two hearts became one for a brief moment.
What had just happened?
Why did I react this way?
What did this mean?
As the months have slowly passed I have noticed a delicate new friendship forming, each encounter draws me to be closer to this person, his quiet strong energy somehow reaches deep within me, without expectations I have simply enjoyed his presence.
Never expecting anything from this first fleeting glimpse of affection where my heart twirled in joy of being held by another, someone who truly sees me in all my totality.
Suddenly though something shifted.
Two moments of sheer purity that have left me soundlessly wondering what it could mean.
So swiftly did these moments occur that I was too aghast to understand the depth in which they altered me.
As his arms enveloped me in a moment of comfort I felt as if I had been engulfed by the wings of an angel, his face close to mine, his breath on my neck, his whispered words of encouragement had me wishing I could stay in this moment forever, just breathing him in.
As the evening moved on I kept replaying this moment over and over in my mind, feeling my heart skipping each time I emerged myself back into those few brief minutes.
As the evening drew to a close I went and hugged him goodnight, again I was overwhelmed by his arms around me, no longer was this a casual hug, he pulled me close his strength like an ocean washing over me I felt instantly connected to him on such a deep and powerful level. 
I did not want this moment to end, his whispered words echoed in my ear as I drifted away in a state of bliss.
Dreams that night were a bewitching dance of graceful sensual rapture, feelings of sheer sublime   splendour unlike anything I have ever known.
Above me and within me our energies merged I could no longer tell if I was awake or asleep, whether I was in my body or rolling along in a realm of infinite wonder.
A day later he stays within my heart, I feel his warmth, his heart, the two extraordinary encounters constantly taking me to a place of silent pleasure.
Remaining in a place of neutrality is taking a bit of practise for I do not wish to attempt to imagine where this might lead, instead I pass the pen to the winds of destiny to write the story instead.....

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