Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Are...

 We are never truly alone even though throughout our lives there are times when we feel that we are. In times of turmoil or great emotional pain it may appear that there is no one there for us, it is in these times of grief and sadness that we are supported the most by those unseen by our limited human perception.
Being strong enough to allow yourself to step into the deep void of your own suffering has the potential to shift you up a frequency into the vast chasm of the unlimited realm of oneness.
It is in this domain that true healing will be gifted.
Stepping away from the lies that conventional society bombard us with and into the kingdom of truth has been my saviour  for in this silent healing place of truth I have reconnected with my vast power of creativity.
As the yesterdays of my story disappear into oblivion each new now is infused with the magic of the wonderful power of love. Being strong enough to recognise what serves me now, and what no longer does offers many changes. 
People come, people go. 
All have a gift to offer. Whether they are long term acquaintances or simply a stranger, each has a message for me.
Learning to trust the signals their energy gives is the key, it is one I did not always listen to, hence I had produced many unbalanced relationships in my story when I was still blindly ambling along wishing to find my place on this earth. Working with the wisdom of plants as a healing modality for complete health is heightening my own beauty in ways I could never of imagined, in doing so I have shifted into a place of unending peace. A place of true contentment and freedom.
In the past four months I have found a community of people who share my vision, who too know the power of saying no to the dysfunctional manipulation of mainstream society. It is these people who have held me as I allowed the past and it's unhealthy hold to drain away from me once and for all time. There is no going back to how I once was, aimlessly wandering along in a daze of unworthiness. Now I stand proud and tall. Seeing who and what resonates with my transforming soul.
Being alone is a fallacy designed to create a race of unhappy and desperate beings.
None of us are ever alone.
We are always connected to our family seen and unseen they are here to support us, holding us up even in times of sheer desperation. Understanding this and believing it with certainty has taken time for me to discover, for in clearing the baggage of many lifetimes I have thus cleared a great deal of karma. 
Now I stand on the threshold of a vast ocean of possibilities.
I have no plans.
No visible pathway of where it is I am going to next.
Instead I enjoy each new encounter, and each bright new day as the potential of greater growth.
To understand with complete totality of how my own healing is extended out to heal the entire planet......

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