Friday, June 07, 2013

The Wheels Of.....

 The wheels of inspiration are turning as the need to leave suburbia increases.
I had intended to go and view a property for the second time tomorrow, yet after a conversation with a friend yesterday afternoon my plans have shifted direction.
Instead of buying an established "normal" house I am going to build a unique home instead.
Having spent most of the night exploring the possibilities I have decided that my last earthly home will be an alternative one.
So far I am drawn to either a straw bale house or a yurt.
There is a great deal of research to be done, and as I was reminded yesterday there is no rush.
All will unfold in perfect timing.
Such a lot is changing for me at present.
People are leaving my story as I shift deeper into my path, replaced with those who resonate with the new emanations that radiate from me.
As I deepen my own cleansing I find it increasingly challenging to be around people who do not tally to my ever changing vibration.
If there is any indication of uneasiness I recognise the connections for what they are, and allow the situation or person to ease out of my waking dream, acknowledging the gift their presence has given me and in doing so propelling my souls growth even more.
Life is art, a wonderful kaleidoscope of endless possibilities.

Behind me lie my yesterdays.
Before me awaits my destiny.
Creativity is oozing into my soul awakening my slumbering imagination.
Buying into mainstream societies perfect lifestyle captures millions, yet I have never felt comfortable living this way.
The suburbs are soulless and empty.
I can hear the heartbeat of my beloved Gaia calling me to free myself from the unnatural domain of the masses and return to the nurturing embrace of her remarkable beauty.........

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