Saturday, June 15, 2013


 Exploring the areas where I feel compelled to move ignited the already restlessness of my soul, seeing the endless possibilities of my new chapter stretched out to greet me from every vista that I encountered.
 Feeling so blessed with the friendship and support that has entered my life recently was reaching in to the depths of my being, nurtured in a way that had eluded me for too long.
The country roads enveloped me, shrouding me with a sense of great peace.
 Finding hidden treasures around each new corner we travelled.
Seeing a vast new world of stories yet unwritten.
 The creative juices of change descended upon me as I saw the dance of nature echoing around me.
 My quest to belong has been granted.
This in itself has propelled an inner shedding to a degree that I have not experienced before, realising that although I feel the urge to move immediately, I understood that it is time to slow down and allow the essence of rebirth to form in perfect timing.

 To be near those who radiate to the beat of my own transformation as the call to deepen my path continues.
 The loving embrace of true kinship has been like a tonic to me. Sharing my life with those who hear the silent call of unfolding into the magic of living a human life.
Gratitude oozed from me as I allowed myself to flow with each moment, seeing how the wondrous energy of universal wisdom is in each waking moment............

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Arti said...

Very beautiful indeed! Loved the scenes and also that cat, the look it gives!!
Have a lovely day Gemel :)