Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can You Sit.....

 Can you sit in the presence of nature and loose yourself in the sheer magnitude of perfection in front of you, below you and above you?
Can you see the beauty shimmering in every leaf that offers an canopy of shade for you to recline under?
 Can you glimpse the mighty Sun and sense the aura of life force energy soaring its way directly into your heart?
Can you see the trillions of rainbow filaments cascading down upon you penetrating each and every cell of your being?
 Can you see the love?
In the presence of each life form on this planet?
In the simple structure of a leaf.
A flower.
A bird.
A fly.
Love is everywhere I gaze.
Love is all there is.................

Tarmie Had.....

Tarmie had secured himself a front row seat in preparation of the evenings viewing.
Not a frequent happening I think he finds it a novelty watching the images and listening to the sounds on this normally shrouded piece of plastic.
After months of waiting I was ready to sit down and watch The Cloud Atlas, a movie that has a deep and profound message to share with humanity.
There was a lot to take in watching this film, I found myself shaking my head as suddenly human existence began to make sense.

And I quote.

"There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well."
"Past. Present. Future. Everything is connected."
"Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime; and every kindness we birth our future."

The Cloud Atlas

Yesterday Was The First......

 Yesterday was the first Saturday in a very long time where I had no place to be.
It has been awhile since I have spent a weekend at home enjoying the ambiance of this space I have created.
I sat in gratitude for having this little abode, a place of safety and beauty, sparing many a thought for those who do not have this luxury. 
As my quest continues to find a new hilly retreat I realised that no matter where I find myself I always create a place of peace.
 In the course of my story I have lived in many places, in many different circumstances.
I have lived in a place of opulence where my bedroom gazed out upon an indoor pool, a place that held me captive.
As I began my solo existence I went from place to place, from a mouse infested shed, to a caravan  park, to sharing with others, hotel rooms, and a sleazy flat.
Walking through my earthly home yesterday I did so with a sense of achievement, for if I had not walked away all those years ago from a life of pain and confinement I would not be the me I am today.
 How we keep and furnish our homes reflects who we are.
Who we have become as we walk the school of Earth.
For those who fail to see the real meaning of being here as a human, possessions become more important than self love.
They seek to have, have have. Not seeing the emptiness in a house that radiates a status of wealth and prestige when the heart is empty, things may speak to the world of the money they have, however it also tells of a struggling heart. 

 Beauty comes first from the heart.
From loving the only real home we have here.
Our bodies.
Our homes reflect without prejudice what we are within.
Throughout my event filled life no matter where I found myself, no matter how dire the dwelling was I always filled it with beauty and love, honouring the shelter that was keeping me safe.

  The more I expand into my own healing I see how the vibration of my now home is changing.
It has a comfortable embrace of harmony that reaches out to block the denseness of the surrounding area to enter.
The oppressive decay of a society in pain.

 Here I am at peace.
Cradled in this cocoon of bliss.
As I have moved from place to place, transforming as I go, many things have been discarded along the way.
Things are simply things.
I do not have sentimental value to things any longer. It is the same with this house. It is simply bricks and mortar, which can easily be replaced.
What lies within follows me wherever I go.
It is not possessions or a huge new shiny house that makes a home.
A home comes from the heart.

 As day gave way to night the luminous enchantment of candlelight flickered, the intoxicating aroma of incense danced in the air, and I sat in quiet communion with my heart.
Thanking it for the journey we have shared and for the often heart wrenching lessons that have led me to the path of true healing. 
Most of all I gave thank fullness for being here right now and for depths of healing that this little dwelling has bestowed upon me in the times of deep inner purging.
Without my little sanctuary I know things would not be as they are now......

Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Are...

 We are never truly alone even though throughout our lives there are times when we feel that we are. In times of turmoil or great emotional pain it may appear that there is no one there for us, it is in these times of grief and sadness that we are supported the most by those unseen by our limited human perception.
Being strong enough to allow yourself to step into the deep void of your own suffering has the potential to shift you up a frequency into the vast chasm of the unlimited realm of oneness.
It is in this domain that true healing will be gifted.
Stepping away from the lies that conventional society bombard us with and into the kingdom of truth has been my saviour  for in this silent healing place of truth I have reconnected with my vast power of creativity.
As the yesterdays of my story disappear into oblivion each new now is infused with the magic of the wonderful power of love. Being strong enough to recognise what serves me now, and what no longer does offers many changes. 
People come, people go. 
All have a gift to offer. Whether they are long term acquaintances or simply a stranger, each has a message for me.
Learning to trust the signals their energy gives is the key, it is one I did not always listen to, hence I had produced many unbalanced relationships in my story when I was still blindly ambling along wishing to find my place on this earth. Working with the wisdom of plants as a healing modality for complete health is heightening my own beauty in ways I could never of imagined, in doing so I have shifted into a place of unending peace. A place of true contentment and freedom.
In the past four months I have found a community of people who share my vision, who too know the power of saying no to the dysfunctional manipulation of mainstream society. It is these people who have held me as I allowed the past and it's unhealthy hold to drain away from me once and for all time. There is no going back to how I once was, aimlessly wandering along in a daze of unworthiness. Now I stand proud and tall. Seeing who and what resonates with my transforming soul.
Being alone is a fallacy designed to create a race of unhappy and desperate beings.
None of us are ever alone.
We are always connected to our family seen and unseen they are here to support us, holding us up even in times of sheer desperation. Understanding this and believing it with certainty has taken time for me to discover, for in clearing the baggage of many lifetimes I have thus cleared a great deal of karma. 
Now I stand on the threshold of a vast ocean of possibilities.
I have no plans.
No visible pathway of where it is I am going to next.
Instead I enjoy each new encounter, and each bright new day as the potential of greater growth.
To understand with complete totality of how my own healing is extended out to heal the entire planet......

It Doesn't Matter...........

Friday, June 28, 2013

We All....

We all dream the dream of living......

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Each Moment...........

Each moment we have is a gift..............

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Touch heals on such a deep level that living without being touched regularly is like dying a slow lingering death.
Those that have touch within their daily lives are happier people, yet in this modern world less and less people are touched on frequent basis.
Working within the community with the old, frail and infirm has given me a perfect opportunity to witness first hand what happens when touch is taken from someones daily life.
It moves me each day to see how the simple gesture of holding a hand, stroking a back or a soft hug can suddenly transform a persons day. When touch is given from the heart the therapeutic benefits of being touched can work wonders, and, over time you will see before you a butterfly unfolding as suddenly this person feels that someone cares again.
There are millions of people worldwide who exist deprived of touch, desperate and lonely they shrivel and wither as their self worth evaporates from them.
I often wonder what this world would become if all of us decided on reaching out to those in need of love.
To stop and hug a homeless person instead of turning away in disgust or looking at them with disdain, instead sharing with them what is lacking the most. 
Touch and love.
Living with cats has taught me a lot, but touch is a lesson they portray well.
Cat's are the masters of touch, they know the way to instant bliss.
They share their love freely with those they love in beautiful moments of spontaneity openly sharing their affection.
What if each day from now we all decided to become more tactile?
To speak with each and every person we encounter, regardless of who they are, with the graceful language from our hearts relayed by the laying on of a hand.................


Everything becomes easier when you become your own best friend......

Monday, June 24, 2013

What If......

 What if by the willingness to let go of outcomes something wonderful just might have entered your story.
Something so subtle that you never thought to question the feelings you felt at the first brief encounter.
Something so deliciously pure that you thought it could be too good to be true.
Something magical.

 Casting my mind back to the point in question I realise I was utterly flabbergasted by the intense reaction my heart chakra had when I casually hugged a new friend, the emotion I felt was so piercing that I stifled a gasp as I pulled away in confusion. 
How could I react so strongly to a complete stranger?
It felt as it my heart was a flower dancing within me as two hearts became one for a brief moment.
What had just happened?
Why did I react this way?
What did this mean?
As the months have slowly passed I have noticed a delicate new friendship forming, each encounter draws me to be closer to this person, his quiet strong energy somehow reaches deep within me, without expectations I have simply enjoyed his presence.
Never expecting anything from this first fleeting glimpse of affection where my heart twirled in joy of being held by another, someone who truly sees me in all my totality.
Suddenly though something shifted.
Two moments of sheer purity that have left me soundlessly wondering what it could mean.
So swiftly did these moments occur that I was too aghast to understand the depth in which they altered me.
As his arms enveloped me in a moment of comfort I felt as if I had been engulfed by the wings of an angel, his face close to mine, his breath on my neck, his whispered words of encouragement had me wishing I could stay in this moment forever, just breathing him in.
As the evening moved on I kept replaying this moment over and over in my mind, feeling my heart skipping each time I emerged myself back into those few brief minutes.
As the evening drew to a close I went and hugged him goodnight, again I was overwhelmed by his arms around me, no longer was this a casual hug, he pulled me close his strength like an ocean washing over me I felt instantly connected to him on such a deep and powerful level. 
I did not want this moment to end, his whispered words echoed in my ear as I drifted away in a state of bliss.
Dreams that night were a bewitching dance of graceful sensual rapture, feelings of sheer sublime   splendour unlike anything I have ever known.
Above me and within me our energies merged I could no longer tell if I was awake or asleep, whether I was in my body or rolling along in a realm of infinite wonder.
A day later he stays within my heart, I feel his warmth, his heart, the two extraordinary encounters constantly taking me to a place of silent pleasure.
Remaining in a place of neutrality is taking a bit of practise for I do not wish to attempt to imagine where this might lead, instead I pass the pen to the winds of destiny to write the story instead.....

You Do.....

You do not know where the path is headed.
Stop planning and wishing your life away.
Seed your dreams and allow the wisdom of the Universe to pave your way with love......

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Introducing GP Cooper.......

 Introducing GP (grandpup) Cooper.
A new addition to the family this little chap is a bundle of innocence and love.......