Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time Spent......

 Time spent relaxing with family is a priceless gem.
 One that can often be taken for granted.
 Being nurtured and accepting the simple things in life such a meal cooked for you by those you love.
 Seeing the deep bond my son shares with his beloved cat Fluffy always warms my heart, he too has inherited the crazy cat gene, and knows the truth of unconditional love.
 The magic of light weaves it's web of purity throughout our days, even in those days of chaos and pain, it is always present, shining it's love upon us, endlessly nurturing our struggling souls.
 Keeping life simple it the key.
 Surround yourself with those you truly love.
 See the beauty in all that surrounds you.

 Each flower that blooms is but a reflection of your own perfection.

 Everything is love.
 When you open yourself fully to the light within, you will find other lights, or in my son's case other lights will find you, as like me, new feline friends are drawn to his beautiful heart.......

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