Saturday, May 11, 2013


Seeing the beauty in a fallen flower took me on a deep meditation of life, of the constant beauty that exists around us in this world of materialistic chaos.
Humanity is becoming more and more disconnected from source the more technology takes over, millions are still slumbering to the truth of living a human life.
Living a life is not about acquiring stuff, it is about remembering what we are, aspects of the divine residing in a body vessel that gives us a chance to experience this third dimensional realm we currently call home.
As I drive to work each morning I do so with awareness, knowing although is seems so real, it is not, it is but a waking dream.
The illusion of  separation is what causes the depth of depression and discontentment that swallows so many souls as they attempt to deal with the challenges of this realm, yet, with dedication one can move through this illusion and begin to reclaim the magic of living a human life.
Having struggled with the mindless society that surrounds me I have emerged healed and able to flow with integrity as I wade through the disconnection that encircles me, no longer drawn into the dramas, power struggles or manipulations, instead I stay connected in my heart, and have begun to let go of all that no longer serves me.
Saying thank you, but, no thank you has been so liberating, as I now see that doing anything that does not resonate to my soul causes dis-easement to my body and my story.
There is nothing wrong is moving on, from people or places, as not everything is to stay in our story for our entire time on this planet. Letting friendships go in favour of moving towards those more in tune to our evolving human tale is par for the course, for if you do not see that their presence is no longer required and it is time to let go, one stays stagnated and stuck, thus causing dramas within the body/mind and life story until we see the truth and move on.
As I deepen my own journey I find that the cleansing is deep, and any people or situations that do not resonate fully with me are released with love, the deeper the wrong choices effect me.
I have to be true to myself.
I realised that I was continously seeking out of myself to find the thing that was missing within through others and in new teachings, yet, as I have worked through my body imbalance I realise I need seek no longer, all I am to do is flow, to spread my light by simply being who I am, for within me my truth resides.........

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