Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Learning To Trust.....

Learning to trust the flow of the Universe leads me down a path of peaceful acceptance in all situations.
On Friday afternoon I had the inkling that I was going to have an issue with my trusty steed as on setting off for a friends the car struggled to start.
Driving along the car seemed fine for awhile, yet at times it spluttered occasionally as if struggling for air. Stopping halfway to say hello to my son, it took a longer time to start, something was definitely going on within its workings.
Not buying into the idea of a major problem I journeyed on, and when it came to start the car on Saturday morning I was greeted with silence.
I was not going anywhere in a hurry.
Rescued by the assistance of a jump start I set off in confidence that I would make it home, which I did.
On arriving home though, I attempted to restart the car again but nothing happened.
Sunday morning I tried again, and was met with the same silence, calling a friend to assist me we found that his car could not help as the battery was covered with a steel covering which denied access, then suddenly a car appears at the end of the road, as if by magic assistance arrived. Once again a jump start was attempted, but again nothing happened.
Normally I would have gone into a mini meltdown as the thoughts of major problems were offered by those assisting me, but I just accepted the situation and somehow knew that the problem was minor, and that all would be okay.
When the mechanic arrived yesterday he went straight to the source, the fuel filter had worked itself loose, a simple fix and no charge for his service.
Flowing with what is given to me has become a way of dealing with all that manifests in my world, knowing that for whatever reason I am stopped or delayed in my travels it is for my own good that I am prevented from going somewhere. 
Taking the stress out of situations beyond my control allows me to see the wisdom of the Universe in it's entirety, worrying about it does nothing except raise negativity within the body vessel, flowing is the only way........

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