Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Having Rescued.....

 Having rescued this little feline treasure from death row sometime ago I have had validation that our animal kin know what awaits them in the gloomy situations that face them.
I find it difficult walking into these bleak places, yet when the call comes to venture into them I know that there is a valid reason for my appearance.
 This little man was bedraggled and scrawny, only days away from the dreaded needle that would have ended his earthly life, yet the moment I saw him we both knew the reason I had walked in to the shelter that day.
An instant connection had been made and his life spared.
He now has a full and happy life in pampered luxury.
I don't get to see him much anymore, however whenever I walk through the door he runs straight to me and jumps up, gazing into my eyes and purring away, he knows that I saved his life.
I have a great deal of sorrow for all the animals that are abandoned and given up once the novelty of pet ownership wears thin, if I could save them all I surely would, as my beloved Blossom, Spirit, Pixie and Tarmal all were saved from the doom of death, the universe directs me to those who need me, offering them all a life of safety.
Making a difference in this world is done through simple acts from the heart, of opening myself to offer acts of love in subtle and quiet ways, without monetary gain or public recognition..........

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