Tuesday, May 21, 2013

As The Rain Falls.....

 As the rain falls nourishing my beloved Mother I feel a joyous revival taking place in my soul, a cleansing shower of love showering down upon us all.
My favourite season of all are the chilly winter days of grey skies and brisk winds. 
 Pixie however is not as impressed.
Not happy at all to feel the cold wetness against her paws as she goes outside for a morning play.
 Tarmie is a little more accepting of the wintry weather, padding across the garden in search of butterflies to scamper after.
 Pixie though refused to join in him, she sits wondering why all this water is covering her garden playground.
 Witnessing the innocence of my feline family never tires me, as they gift me with so many moments of simple pleasure.
 Just watching and smiling as they explore their leafy haven fills me with boundless joy and a deep and true love........

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