Tuesday, May 07, 2013

As Part Of.....

As part of my healing I felt the attraction to a new crystal pendant, one that would assist me in getting whole again.
Walking into a new age store, I focused on my intent for healing and then just allowed myself to be directed to the piece which would aide my recovery.
And this is the only one my eyes could see in a shop full of treasures.
A piece of amber with a jaguar face etched into it.
Amber is a fossilized resin, so soft and warm to the touch, amber assists in allowing the body to heal, it assists in transmuting and absorbing negative energy held within the body vessel, it radiates a bright, sunny, soothing energy which calms and heals the body.
Amber is a crystal that is dedicated to resurrecting the connection of the consciousness to Universal Perfection, it also assists in manifestation, and the activation of unconditional love.
Amber has been used by ancient healers in many different cultures, and was worn on the breast plate of the high priests. 
In a time where chemically laden pills and potions are looked upon as medicine I find that the simplicity of herbs and crystals are far more powerful in truly healing the body/mind, my life has been transformed in seven short weeks, I have gone from being extremely ill, to full to the brim of life force energy so vibrant that the first thing I do on waking is smile and say thank you for another day of being me......

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