Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Arriving at the beach for an early morning stroll I discovered the shore inaccessible as the seaweed laden waves pounded the sand and had prevented me access to the stairs that normally take me down to the sand. 
 Changing my normal seaside walk for that of a higher elevation was not as bad as I thought, I could still hear the waves and smell the salty air, the added bonus as I ambled along was the morning songs of the dune birds softly chirping in innocent glee of the dawning of a new day.
 Walking on the pavement has never been my idea of bliss, as the feel of concrete beneath my feet seems so abnormal, yet I carried on regardless and soon found myself flowing with the breeze, humming along as I watched the local bird folk waking and greeting each other with open hearted joy.
 This made me ponder on how humans limit themselves in displaying or voicing the joy they may feel within openly and without restraint, if one truly opens their heart and began singing or dancing with joy for no apparent reason they are viewed as weird, or worse, insane. 
Yet, if we look deeply at our animal kin we could learn a lot from these amazing beings, all live in the moment, all are happy to wake to another day and be who they are, even though they are in a constant battle against the greed and cruelty of humanity, they still resonate from their hearts.
 Spending time in nature nurtures me so fully that often I walk along with tears of gratitude gently sliding down my cheeks, so blessed am I to truly see the magnitude of beauty that surrounds me..........


luksky said...

I have a habit of singing out loud and my daughter always scolds and hushes me saying that people will think I'm "weird". I don't really care if they think I'm weird, at least I am happy. :-)

ioan moldovan said...

Dear friend, I'm glad to meet again. Your photos are beautiful, just like your cats! Thank you very much for your comment! I wish you good health and happiness!
Many greetings from Romania!