Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Gift Of Love....

A gift of  love was shared with me last weekend, an embrace of purity that touched my heart in the deepest depths of my soul.

 Time was taken to choose and wrap the treasures gifted to me, each a perfect reflection of who I am to those who truly see me.
 Tears of appreciation and joy trickled down my cheeks as I understood the heart connections I have with my beloved family.
 Simple reminders of accepting love from those whom I cherish.
Slippers with colourful hearts to warm me as I snuggle in the comforting embrace of my humble home, simple and heart warming.

 The light of love is reflected in all I encounter, but mostly profoundly from my treasured family, having conquered my health challenges this moment reflected to me the changes within, and that although I doubted my own value, others had always seen me for the gifts that I share, even in times of challenge.
I have shed my skin and am now emerging in the totality of who I really am......

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