Monday, April 15, 2013

The Traditions.........

 The traditions and rituals that our ancestors practised for thousands of years holds the key to health and well being, not to mention happiness and peace.
 Trouble is that the natural method of healing the body/mind is frowned upon and referred to as old wives tales or hocus pocus that simply will not work.
This wisdom of a shaman or herbalist is sadly lacking in western medicine, for in the modern world they do not aim to heal the imbalance within, they simply offer you something to mask the problem, which in turn damages another part of your body, poisoning you within an inch of your life in an attempt to rid your body of a cancerous tumour, or send you to have scans and xray's to give you a dose of radiation or two. 
Sickness means money, therefore a healthy society is not what is wanted.
 The wisdom of our ancient cultures have a lot to teach modern medical practitioners, not just in knowledge of herbs and flowers, but also in being able to see past the person and into the persons spirit.
It took me a long time to find a true herbalist one that makes all the medicines that are given, and not a supplement or vitamin is in sight, this was utterly inspiring, finally I found a true healer
Choosing to heal the natural way has seen many of my friends and family question my decision, they would rather me get an opinion from a professional, a proper doctor.
The pressure to conform is draining, so I have now decided to say less and just follow the path I have chosen.

 This method of healing is the only one I trust.
It is the only one that makes any sense.
If one manifests an illness or disease then a holistic approach to seek healing will always locate the trigger or behaviours that set the sickness off in the first place..
The only way to heal the body is with self love, pure thoughts, exercise, plenty of pure water and healthy whole food, add meditation to the equation and balance health and vitality will begin to return to your body vessel. 

 The plague of illness that now is ravaging the planet is only going to get worse with the mass produced foods that supermarkets sell, as well as the public's addiction to junk foods.
When I do find myself in a supermarket, I walk through the isles dumbfounded that people believe that the rubbish that fills the shelves is actually food.
And week after week trolley after trolley of sugar, additive, chemically enhanced and fat laden foods file out the door one after the other.
A doctors dream.
 I have always felt out of place here in this realm, and as technology takes over the planet I find that I wish to head for the wilderness far away from the contamination of mainstream society to return to a life on the land.
 Perhaps the plant teachers are sharing more than their healing vibrations, they too seem to be drawing me back to the wild.....


luksky said...

I agree with every word you said. The medical industry is a multi-million dollar BUSINESS and they plan to keep it that way.

I have this book called "Heal Your Body" that gives the mental causes for all the different illnesses. It's very interesting. Once you heal your thoughts you can heal your body...our negative thoughts are what puts our body in Dis-ease.

Gemel said...

I know the book you mean, it is very enlightening indeed. We all create our health issues, and we have the capability of healing ourselves :)