Friday, April 12, 2013

Sewing Time.....

 Sewing time has become one of Pixies favourite activities, as soon as the sewing machine is being prepared she rushes into the sewing room to see what is happening. 
 She goes from under the chair, to on my lap, then onto the table all the while purring loudly and softly meowing, don't know what her fascination with sewing is, but I adore her enthusiasm. 
 I do enjoy this space for creating, the sun streaming in through the windows the scent of the garden blowing in on the breeze, it is a perfect place for inspiration to flow.
 Three more finished bags await to be sent to their new owners.
 As I begin another set of place mats.
 They too are now finished and ready to head to England along with one of the bags, never thought I would be sending my wares internationally.
 Another bag, I tried a different shape this time, a perfect present for another cat lover.
 All unique and individual, no two pieces are the same, even if I use the same materials, because I work freehand they are all different in shape and size.
The cat bag and the green bag have now arrived at their destinations and are loved by their new owners, both touched by their unexpected gifts.

 My next project.
Aprons for Mothers Day.
Again no pattern was used, which means they won't be perfect.
But it is the thought that counts right...........


luksky said...

I LOVE my place mats. I think about you every time I place a meal on them. :)

Gemel said...

Bless you Laura, it was so wonderful to make them for you.

Linda Pendleton said...

Those are very pretty, Gemel.