Sunday, March 03, 2013

We Are Taught......

 We are taught from a young age that bodies are rude, that they must be covered, and that any form intimacy we display or feel about ourselves is wrong, a sin, causing much anxiety and confusion as well as erecting fences around our hearts that stop us from expressing what we truly feel.
Millions of others have suffered sexual abuse as children causing an even higher wall to rise to prevent them from ever truly experiencing or expressing love.
 It is little wonder then that billions of men and women across the globe are unable to connect to the god/goddess within, to know that within them dwells a being of radiant divine Light.

Women have been made to toughen up in a world that takes advantage of the open hearted and vulnerable, to be soft and caring in this world is to be weak, hence thousands of women have lost their femininity as they fight to hold their own in this unforgiving male dominated society.

Nurturing the goddess within was always a daily practice in all ancient civilisations that once graced the earth, now though, little time is available for us to nurture ourselves let alone each other in this way.

To have a human body is a honour, one that we take for granted or find burdening, as this realm presents us with many challenges to contend with each waking day.
In living this way women have lost sight of the wondrous feeling of true womanhood.
To view the body as temple is not conceited, for our bodies are our only true home on this earth, therefore should be cherished without restrictions, and that each day time is taken to nourish and love your body, to understand completely you are a being of regal lineage.
Perhaps that sounds preposterous, as of course we are brainwashed into thinking that only those with monetary wealth are of any real worth, but this is yet another fallacy to keep low self esteem in place, dis-empowering our self belief. 

Time taken to love the self 
heal the self.
For when you begin to love your body vessel unconditionally you shed the burdens of the past lingering within the cells of your body causing misalignments and dis-ease.
It also allows you to see through the illusion of separation, and to realise that when you forgive and love yourself completely, miraculous things begin to happen.
True healing comes from complete self love.
Of accepting the flawless beauty of our own unique body, regardless of age or body shape.
The media has made body image a cancerous plague that has seen femininity give way to ego based projections of beauty, a distorted view, as those that alter their bodies with the aide of surgery or chemicals are those that love the self the least, for if they honoured the beauty within, they would see they were perfect just as they were, nothing needed changing.

Seeing the beauty in yourself and nurturing this belief will assist you in overcoming and transcending what the media would have us believe.
You will once again see your light, and know without the slightest hesitation how glorious you really are.

In order to touch the heart of another we must first learn to touch our own heart, by loving our self completely.
 To tenderly caress our own perfection expanding the majestic brilliance of our soul out to blend with all those we encounter......

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luksky said...

Every word of what you said resonated with me!!