Sunday, March 17, 2013


 Waiting for me patiently was some more material, I am still being asked for my bags and place mats to be made by friends and family so once again I had a day of creativity ahead of me. 
 I love going to choose the material for a new project, focusing on the person they are for, walking around the store touching the fabrics tuning into the heart of the person and waiting to see which fabrics say pick me.
 Madame Pixie took up her position to watch mummy creating, at times she would stroll under my chair purring away enjoying the bonding of girl time, the best moments in life are the simple ones.
Her calm energy flowing freely to me as I sewed happily away.
 My third bag for the weekend completed.
This time I placed a band of a contrasting colour around the top, not as easy as I thought, and making a mistake the first time I realised that I dislike unpicking very much, so in future more focus on lining things up properly!

 Pleased with my imagination coming to life it was time to pack up and enjoy the rest of the day.
 Or follow Tarmal's lead, and just lay back and relax........... 

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