Thursday, March 07, 2013

Each Of Us.....

 Each of us has the capability to expand and step into the pure magnificent Beings we truly are.
To leave behind the struggles and drama of a life lived unconsciously altering every facet of our reality, all it takes is one tiny moment of illumination, one nano second of comprehension that opens your eyes to the true authenticity of what we really are.
 Unravelling your petals to the wisdom within can come in a single flash, or it can take years, as slowly the velvet fronds that encapsulate your heart begin to unravel.
 A moment of such intense and exquisite passion which lavishes every cell of your body vessel with a cellular understanding that all is about to change.
Nothing, will be as it was before, as for now you view your existence with the clarity of wisdom you realise the power that radiates from you.
 Many of us search for a deeper understanding of life, from birth we feel lost, isolated, disconnected from the planet and the places and situations we find ourselves in.
Yet each and every interaction and situation has been manifested by us to lead us ever closer to this single moment of insight that will set us free from the restrictions of ignorance forever.
Seeing the beauty and wisdom of the self is not encouraged, and this leads to many souls loosing hope and faith in themselves spending too much time looking for that which they seek outside of themselves, and not within. As they trudge ever forward, they find that their destination is never found, and thus begin to retreat from society turning to a life of solitude.
However, the moment they stop attempting to find a solution for the emptiness with either a new relationship, job or things, they are drawing closer to their haven.

To suddenly look into your own eyes and see the truth is moment of tender recognition of your divinity, for your bloom has finally opened, a cascading wave of indescribable remembrance ignites within you, and in this moment it is understood now is the time.
To release old pattens and to take the first step towards your tomorrows written by the quill of your heart will ensure hardships and resistance retreat into the shadows allowing your creativity to freely express your true nature.
Standing in your truth becomes easier the more you allow this energy to expand, for suddenly, if people or situations do not resonate to the core of your being you will not allow energy to be misused any longer, for now you respond only with your heart, and realise that the tests and challenges directed your way for what they are.........

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