Saturday, March 30, 2013

Heading To...

 Heading to the healing embrace of the ocean this morning was a tonic to my soul, the warm salty waters caressed my feet as I strolled along, healing and absolving with each step I took. 
 Calm serenity cocooned me, the hush of silence penetrating deep into the core of my being, soothing me, taking me home.
 Home is not a place, it is a way of being, a feeling that resides within an awaken heart, allowing you to see the truth amongst the lies and control that enslaves the human race.

 Home is in the sand, the wind, the cry of a bird overhead, the whispers of the waves as they gently tumble to shore.
Home is freedom.
 To walk the Earth with eyes wide open seeing through the illusion of lies that surround us is the only way to release the hold of the spell of slumber that has many enslaved.
Keeping them dead inside and mindlessly shuffling through life, asleep to the truth of who they are.
Waking up to the manipulation of media and governments and walking away from it's clutches is the first step in reclaiming your truth.
Of reclaiming your personal power to choose.

 Walk life the beauty way,
in peace and in love with all that surrounds you, seeing that life is meant to be lived with joy and happiness, not deadlines and routine.
Open yourself to the magnificence that encircles you in every moment, see the birds, feel the clouds, hear the waves, embrace life.
Reconnect yourself to love, to the divine beauty that radiates from your heart and see the illusion  of separation dissolve before your eyes.......

Having Spent.....

 Having spent one night last weekend home alone, my fur babies have been following my every move ever since.
 If I leave a room they do too, bless them not happy kitties being left for just one night.
 Pixie especially watches each action, she is the most affectionate when I get home, bless her heart, I am so grateful for being loved so unconditionally, and realise that living with these three beautiful beings has bestowed upon me countless blessings of absolute joy and happiness........... 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

May The Light....

May the Light 
Love always shine upon you......

Spent The Afternoon....

 Spent the afternoon relaxing in the garden with my girl.
Life does not get much better than this........


 Waiting for me patiently was some more material, I am still being asked for my bags and place mats to be made by friends and family so once again I had a day of creativity ahead of me. 
 I love going to choose the material for a new project, focusing on the person they are for, walking around the store touching the fabrics tuning into the heart of the person and waiting to see which fabrics say pick me.
 Madame Pixie took up her position to watch mummy creating, at times she would stroll under my chair purring away enjoying the bonding of girl time, the best moments in life are the simple ones.
Her calm energy flowing freely to me as I sewed happily away.
 My third bag for the weekend completed.
This time I placed a band of a contrasting colour around the top, not as easy as I thought, and making a mistake the first time I realised that I dislike unpicking very much, so in future more focus on lining things up properly!

 Pleased with my imagination coming to life it was time to pack up and enjoy the rest of the day.
 Or follow Tarmal's lead, and just lay back and relax........... 


 Another day of creativity, firstly breakfast out with a friend and after that he kindly hung two paintings up for me.
Both paintings are original works of art by a beautiful soul whose love oozes from these glorious compositions.  
 Bringing yet another burst of colour to my home, they really do brighten up the area by the front door.
 I always felt my sparkly elephant tile looked a little lost and lonely all there by itself, but now the space is filled with more magical hues.
 My friend also put up this curtain rod in my bedroom ready for the lush emerald green velvet curtains that I am yet to start, the others I began awhile ago did not work out, so changed my mind and went for an easier project.....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Sewing.....

 The sewing machine came out of temporary retirement this morning, and once I switched it on Spirit headed to watch what I began creating.
 Ever the nosey cat, he kept popping up to see what was taking all of my attention.
 Getting a little more game each time I begin a new sewing project, I still am taking it slow, and not attempting anything too difficult, so another bag.
This one for myself.
And the material I choose has a wonderful healing mandala on it.
 Using three different materials I felt really proud of this bag.
It is so colourful and bright, surely to bring a flash of brilliance to even the dullest day.
 I even managed a pocket on the inside this time, for fiddly bits like keys and phones.
Still not using any patterns I am improvising and copying from what I already have.

 The back of the bag is a different pattern from the front, but I guess either way is fine.
Full with my goodies it hangs and waits to make it's first public appearance tomorrow....... 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Whenever I follow the urge for an impromptu stroll I am always granted a moment of priceless wonder.
Spying this Osprey who had decided that this sculpture was the perfect place for a nest, I  slowly walked forward to share a moment in it's presence.

What a majestic being, serenely standing guard over it's nest, the moment was tinged with sadness however, for as ingenious as it was for this piece of art to become it's home, the truth of the matter is there are limited natural places of safety for such a nest to be made given humanities destruction of what was once a natural paradise.
Yet here the chicks will be out of harms way, nestled in a cradle of steel, free to be nurtured by their loving parents and I pray to live a long and peace filled life...... 

Friday, March 08, 2013

Peek A Boo....

 Peek a boo.......