Monday, February 11, 2013

Yesterday I Found......

 Yesterday I found myself once again heading up into the comforting embrace of the foothills, to take part in the first of a special series of women's circles, which includes a process called 
"The Beacon Arch of Rebalance"
This will be a nine month process, and in the first one we focused on the energy of Gold as a balance remedy for cruelty.
The pain of the release for me was absolutely astonishing.

 The energy within the teepee was overwhelmingly gentle however as my cosmic sisters and I opened ourselves up to begin the transmutation of old energies as we began attuning to different frequencies of purity.

 Opening up to voice your intent is difficult, as in this space like it or not, masks fall away and the heart begins to speak, nothing is hidden, you are seen in your entirety. 
 After three hours of mediation, sharing and illumination I set off across the countryside all the way to the coast once again, with an open heart and still in a place of immense peace.
 With a mandala to complete and new meditations to practice I left feeling blessed and renewed, knowing that during the coming month I have a lot of changes to make as I walk forward on the path I have chosen.
We may not always remember our cosmic heritage as life keeps us occupied and too busy to be still.
Yet, by allowing time for the heart to expand and grow in ceremonies of stillness and love I find that the way home stands glittering before me, and a deep remembrance reverberates within me awakening memories of what it is I truly am...........

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