Monday, February 25, 2013


 Spontaneity rose it's impulsive head yesterday, taking me on a journey outside of my comfort zone, presenting me with a choice to step forward into the the gift of an impromptu invitation, or, allow the moment to pass without action.
 The last two weeks has seen the final absolution to a long and difficult situation that had spanned many years, and with this ending many things are now changing.
Our thoughts and words flow like water, shifting and flowing to where we place our attention, and even though I had not consciously sent energy willingly to the core of this challenge, subconsciously it was always lingering just short of my perception, draining my vitally.   
 As the world cycle came to a close last year I made a pact to myself, to the Universe, that I would shed the weight of the past that had clung to me, to release it once and for all into the mists of time, to float away into oblivion, allowing me to move forward freely in joy and in light.
 The impact of this decision has smashed the suckers of the yesterdays that had woven themselves around my heart and has opened up a new vista full of yet many unwritten moments.
 The greatest challenge I had to overcome was my personal view of my worth-fullness, of truly seeing once again the beauty of my humble earthly body, to allow the protection I had built around me to slide away, to take one tiny step toward my tomorrows with the knowledge that I am a beautiful soul. 
The moment was challenging, and as I opened myself up to allow the waves of destiny to unfold as they directed, I understood that this moment was indeed monumental, for in stepping into the rhythm of the Universe, I paved the way for a shedding of the barriers that have been in place for many years.
The accumulation of much pain.
 Being one who lives via the direction of the heart I feel deeply, and thus after my earthly challenge of rejection I had closed up and retreated deep inside the comfort of my own tiny world, surrounded by my beloved cats, shutting out the hurtful interactions with many other humans.
 Maintaining the path of the heart is relentless, for as much as I understand without reservation that thoughts are things, and where we direct our words and deeds, our world manifests from each waking second of life, negativity brings you negativity, self hatred brings you disrespect  from other, I had failed to realise that those who continued to enter my world offering disrespect and pain, did so with my blessing, for it was I who had created them.
My body could no longer cope with the never ending stress that entered my story, thus it began to shut down, as it did so, so did my belief in my own beauty or worthiness as a woman.

 Suddenly though I see the tide has turned, and with its retreat comes new and vibrant opportunities.
With a new career looming ahead, I realise that my time of slumbering is over.
I have been gifted a moment of beauty, one so tenderly enlightening that I had to go to the ocean this morning to pledge my oath to open myself completely to this new path I have chosen to walk.
I beseeched the Universe to hear me, as I strode along in the cleansing embrace of her healing waters, feeling the love of Pachamama rushing into each cell of my body.

 My time to shine is approaching, the pain and anguish of the past has been unleashed its power disabled, its presence, gone.
 Regaining flexibility and leanness as I shed the weight of self protection will infuse my life with the balance I so deeply miss.
The place where once again I will attuned to All, at peace with life, and creating a story no longer influenced by situations, or people of a negative vibration.
For in the words of a beautiful song I know.

Energy goes 
Where attention flows
We are sowing seeds.............

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luksky said...

That is beautiful!! I'm wondering why there isn't anyone swimming out there?????