Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Time....

 My time to shine has just begun.
First day of training for a new career started yesterday.
After waking up feeling ill, I disregarded the urge to stay snuggled under the covers instead I focused on the changes this path will bring.
Then not even a mile away from my door, stuck in a long queue of traffic a woman drives into the back of my car.
Already feeling delicate, this shook me up quite a bit, but, I refused to be stopped, I was going to make my first training day no matter what got in my way!
I have a few months of training and exams to study for before I begin this new path, yet as I sit here this morning I can already feel the changes of what awaits, every cell of my body is tingling with anticipation of what is soon to be.........

1 comment:

luksky said...

You are better than me, I would have took the signs of waking up feeling ill and the car mishap as universal signs trying to deter me from a bad decision. I never know how to interpret subtle happenings anyway. Congrats to you for trudging forward and following your heart.