Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Never.....

It's never too late to transform yourself.
Seeing that we are all pure translucent radiant beings locked in a human form, we have no need to be concerned with the human concept of growing old.
As sparks of cosmic radiance we do not age, growing old and weak, that is only our vegetable body, our true self is ageless.
Our ego mind is the one that attempts to limit us in this third dimensional realm of illusion and disconnection, as part of the journey here was to include us forgetting what we truly are.
I have always struggled in this realm, even as a child none of it made sense, especially teachings in churches and schools, I was not captivated nor interested in what they were teaching, instead I would turn my gaze to the beauty of Pachamama and become lost in the serenity of her embrace.
In a society that is becoming more addicted to technology and youthfulness, and more distant to the stillness within, it saddens me that many men and women alter their bodies with chemicals and surgery in an attempt to maintain their retreating physical youth.
Beauty is not about how many wrinkles one has, it is about the purity of the heart, and no amount of botox or plastic can enhance our personal inner empire, only we can do that by transforming our own world through remembering our celestial roots and walking the path of the heart.
As I begin yet another new chapter in my souls story I do so with a heart filled with gratitude and love for in the tales that have woven their way through my earthly sojourn I understand fully the boons each test has provided, if I had of stayed sleeping to the power of my own creativity then my life would be greatly different to the one I have lead, I would not have embarked on the path that I did, instead I would have trudged along in hypnotic obedience living a life of dissatisfaction and despair, instead though I chose to walk away from the story I was leading, from the numbness of robotic society and begin my journey to freedom.
Understanding the pain and isolation of the past makes a great deal of sense now, as it was needed to understand the truth of my existence.......

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