Friday, February 08, 2013


 Bushland near my home is disappearing at an alarming rate as greedy land corporations clear it to make room for yet more housing estates.
Not a moment is taken to consider the homes of the real residents, the local kangaroo and emu populations, as well as many other sentient beings who call the bushland home.
I have always struggled with being a human once I was old enough to understand what is done to kin who share this planet with us, and each year my burden gains weight, for still horrendous atrocities carry on regardless of a growing public awareness, 
I may be but one insignificant person with a heart full of pain, a soul whose only wish for this incarnation is for the billions of people who still view animals as disposable unfeeling creatures to awaken to the truth.
To finally understand, they like us, have the right to a free and harmonious life........ 

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