Saturday, February 02, 2013

At Last.........

 At last the second set of place mats are completed, I had to wait until the sun went down until it was cool enough to begin, after I finished the first set this morning I hibernated until the sea breeze began to blow.
Even then though I was extremely hot, might have to rethink the air-conditioning situation, as it appears the summers are getting hotter each year and I do not enjoy them at all.
 Anyway, back to the sewing!
With the second set I have attempted to match the material I used with my friends wall paper, been too long since I have ventured home to share a cosy night in at her home, but I think these will be fairly close.

 If someone had of said to me last year that I would become the proud owner of a sewing machine  and spend hour upon hour merrily sewing away I would have thought they had lost the plot, but now two months on, I can not imagine life without having it.
Strange how things just happen!
But even more magical than that, is that one set is going to a friend I have never met, someone who has followed my blog for a number of years, over time we began to communicate via email and become, well, friends.
This just really blows my mind, a part of me will venture into her home all the way to America, all thanks to the wonderful world of blogging.
Sharing my creativity with those I love and connect with is a gift so precious, and often we don't say out loud the things that fill our hearts with joy, but I can freely admit, that creating gifts from my heart to give to others truly does fill me with a deep gratitude and love....

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