Monday, February 25, 2013

My Little Prince.....

 My little prince being exceptionally cute......

A Perfect Spot....

A perfect spot for lunch.
Uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean........


 Spontaneity rose it's impulsive head yesterday, taking me on a journey outside of my comfort zone, presenting me with a choice to step forward into the the gift of an impromptu invitation, or, allow the moment to pass without action.
 The last two weeks has seen the final absolution to a long and difficult situation that had spanned many years, and with this ending many things are now changing.
Our thoughts and words flow like water, shifting and flowing to where we place our attention, and even though I had not consciously sent energy willingly to the core of this challenge, subconsciously it was always lingering just short of my perception, draining my vitally.   
 As the world cycle came to a close last year I made a pact to myself, to the Universe, that I would shed the weight of the past that had clung to me, to release it once and for all into the mists of time, to float away into oblivion, allowing me to move forward freely in joy and in light.
 The impact of this decision has smashed the suckers of the yesterdays that had woven themselves around my heart and has opened up a new vista full of yet many unwritten moments.
 The greatest challenge I had to overcome was my personal view of my worth-fullness, of truly seeing once again the beauty of my humble earthly body, to allow the protection I had built around me to slide away, to take one tiny step toward my tomorrows with the knowledge that I am a beautiful soul. 
The moment was challenging, and as I opened myself up to allow the waves of destiny to unfold as they directed, I understood that this moment was indeed monumental, for in stepping into the rhythm of the Universe, I paved the way for a shedding of the barriers that have been in place for many years.
The accumulation of much pain.
 Being one who lives via the direction of the heart I feel deeply, and thus after my earthly challenge of rejection I had closed up and retreated deep inside the comfort of my own tiny world, surrounded by my beloved cats, shutting out the hurtful interactions with many other humans.
 Maintaining the path of the heart is relentless, for as much as I understand without reservation that thoughts are things, and where we direct our words and deeds, our world manifests from each waking second of life, negativity brings you negativity, self hatred brings you disrespect  from other, I had failed to realise that those who continued to enter my world offering disrespect and pain, did so with my blessing, for it was I who had created them.
My body could no longer cope with the never ending stress that entered my story, thus it began to shut down, as it did so, so did my belief in my own beauty or worthiness as a woman.

 Suddenly though I see the tide has turned, and with its retreat comes new and vibrant opportunities.
With a new career looming ahead, I realise that my time of slumbering is over.
I have been gifted a moment of beauty, one so tenderly enlightening that I had to go to the ocean this morning to pledge my oath to open myself completely to this new path I have chosen to walk.
I beseeched the Universe to hear me, as I strode along in the cleansing embrace of her healing waters, feeling the love of Pachamama rushing into each cell of my body.

 My time to shine is approaching, the pain and anguish of the past has been unleashed its power disabled, its presence, gone.
 Regaining flexibility and leanness as I shed the weight of self protection will infuse my life with the balance I so deeply miss.
The place where once again I will attuned to All, at peace with life, and creating a story no longer influenced by situations, or people of a negative vibration.
For in the words of a beautiful song I know.

Energy goes 
Where attention flows
We are sowing seeds.............


 Often unexpected treasures lurk in the most unlikely places.
 Like this hidden oasis, invisible from the road, thinking that the lane way would lead to another street I was delighted to have stumbled across this hidden gem.
 Suddenly I was transported to Morocco the sights, colours and aromas leading me on a sensual voyage to another place, another time. 
 Soaking up the atmosphere, eating Turkish delight and sipping coffee, can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.....

Friday, February 22, 2013


Give up................

Having Arrived....

Having arrived at their new home all the way in Texas USA they sit happily upon the table waiting to be used.
Can't tell you how much I have enjoyed making these and sending them all the way across the globe a piece of me shared forever......

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Is........

Love is truly 
There is.............................

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Packed And Waiting........

 Packed and waiting for it's new tiny owner this bag was filled with more than my love.
A fabulous tiger face cushion, which sadly I did not created, however, photos were taken which means I will give it a try in the future.
Plus a couple of books too, sadly the teddy beat me, and is still on the sewing room table!
 Nestling it amongst the other cushions until the arrival of a special young man I was nearly beside myself with anticipation for this moment to arrive.
And I have to say, nothing could possibly have prepared me for the sheer love I felt.......


 Sometimes all that is needed is an open heart and the willingness to allow love to light the way......

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blustery Winds......

 Blustery winds sent Spirit scurrying in to take refuge in the quite bounds of the house.
The welcomed reprieve from a week of scorching hot weather.
Sitting with the doors open and the breezing whisking through the house was as perfect a moment as one could get............ 

Valentines Day.....

 Valentines Day has become yet another event in which retailers wish us to spend, spend, spend, by doing so you will prove to your loved one how much they mean to you.
Something seems wrong about that to me, as I feel every day ought to be priceless and infused with love.
I spent a portion of Valentines Day sharing my love with an elderly client, taking her out for a cup of tea, and the chance to sit and watch the world go by.
 She loved the view, especially watching the children swimming in the distance.
 Simple things bring the most pleasure, and having the opportunity to enhance an otherwise boring day to another really is so rewarding.
Many of us take for granted the simple act of going out for a coffee and chat.
 However, millions of elderly and infirm people around the world become virtual prisoners in their homes once health issues limit their mobility, all but forgotten by society.
I notice as I take my elderly clients out that people don't see them, the amount of times they are nearly bowled over by someone, or how angry and frustrated others become because we are walking slowly, there is no respect for our elders any more.
 Finishing our refreshments it was time for a little stroll, to allow the wind to cool us a the storm clouds blew in, the joy on my companions face was contagious, the smile that beamed across her face at the sight of the boats was mesmerising. 
Each day we have is a gift, and we have the ability to make every moment count, and to be thankful for having time on this blessed planet.
If all of us took the time to share our love with strangers, especially those who are homeless, ageing or ailing society would be a much better place to reside in.

 A little bit of love goes a long way, especially when it is offered unexpectedly............. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Never.....

It's never too late to transform yourself.
Seeing that we are all pure translucent radiant beings locked in a human form, we have no need to be concerned with the human concept of growing old.
As sparks of cosmic radiance we do not age, growing old and weak, that is only our vegetable body, our true self is ageless.
Our ego mind is the one that attempts to limit us in this third dimensional realm of illusion and disconnection, as part of the journey here was to include us forgetting what we truly are.
I have always struggled in this realm, even as a child none of it made sense, especially teachings in churches and schools, I was not captivated nor interested in what they were teaching, instead I would turn my gaze to the beauty of Pachamama and become lost in the serenity of her embrace.
In a society that is becoming more addicted to technology and youthfulness, and more distant to the stillness within, it saddens me that many men and women alter their bodies with chemicals and surgery in an attempt to maintain their retreating physical youth.
Beauty is not about how many wrinkles one has, it is about the purity of the heart, and no amount of botox or plastic can enhance our personal inner empire, only we can do that by transforming our own world through remembering our celestial roots and walking the path of the heart.
As I begin yet another new chapter in my souls story I do so with a heart filled with gratitude and love for in the tales that have woven their way through my earthly sojourn I understand fully the boons each test has provided, if I had of stayed sleeping to the power of my own creativity then my life would be greatly different to the one I have lead, I would not have embarked on the path that I did, instead I would have trudged along in hypnotic obedience living a life of dissatisfaction and despair, instead though I chose to walk away from the story I was leading, from the numbness of robotic society and begin my journey to freedom.
Understanding the pain and isolation of the past makes a great deal of sense now, as it was needed to understand the truth of my existence.......

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anakin playing in the hallway & meeting Trixie, Kitten missing back legs


 Creativity is not just inspiring me, it is sharing it's joy with all of us..............