Sunday, January 13, 2013


 Yesterday once again I journeyed up into the hills, to spend an afternoon with new friends, spending time with beautiful people and their animal kin, in their bushland paradise.
Suddenly I find the abundance of  love infused yet another day, hours zoomed past as I allowed myself to open up to new possibilities that present themselves as I shared space with like minded kin.
 Being out here in the country has highlighted to me what it is that has caused me to be so out of synch not only with myself but also where it is that I reside.
I am not at peace in the confines of the suburbs, I am constricted and hemmed in.
 Although I have the ocean virtually on my doorstep, the detachment I feel in my abode is not attuned to me at all, even though I have attempted to create a hidden tropical sanctuary, I realised as I strolled along in the company of trees that I do not belong in the boundaries of the city limits.
Often I find the answers to my own quandaries as the conversations with others flow, lights ignite within my heart and suddenly insight flows.
I had written myself into a space of stagnation, allowing the negativity that surrounds me to bombard my entire existence, therefore permitting myself to drown in the division mainstream society creates.
Not any longer though!
 Once again I did not leave empty handed, my boon this time a sage and lavender smudge stick, to clear the house, and, myself of the vibrations of negativity that fester from the surrounds of my humble home.
 As I headed home however, I did so with an activated heart, and a vision of where it is I wish to be.
Leaving the hills was once again difficult, and it was as I first caught sight of the city below that I realised it is truly time to move.
How and when this will happen I have not the slightest notion, yet, move I shall.
With all the people that I am now connected with living in the leafy barrier of the hills I realise it is here too that I belong.
Have always belonged.
A new chapter is beginning, one that will unfold in perfect time, presenting me with all that will be required to create a life of peace and harmony as I walk the beauty way..........


Cloudia said...

my heart leaps and follows!

Aloha from Honolulu-

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Aloha Where You Like Go?

Sami said...

Sometimes change is necessary for us to feel better. Best of luck with your planning your future change to the Hills. The planning itself will lift your spirits.