Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time For A..........

Time for a mid morning meander presented itself yesterday, a little moment to myself in my normally busy day.
Heading towards the nearest patch of Pachamama to be still and enjoy the company of the local bird folk was medicine to my soul. 
 I especially enjoy watching the antics of these galahs, and of course listening to their constant chattering as they foraged for food totally obvious to my presence. 
 Some were heading to the trees, the grooming session already completed by these two, it was time to settle down to sleep in the warmth of the midday sun.

 This couple however were still enjoying their mutual preening, and I was enthralled watching this intimate moment.

 Such beautiful beings, they are such characters, always playing full of joy, made me realise how humanity has lost the point of existence, instead of finding time to play, we have become locked into a world of doing, rushing from one place to another, many never finding the time to sit and to watch the glories that surround us.
 On the lake, all was tranquil.
 Still waters, a gentle breeze making it a perfect day to just float along soaking up the nurturing rays of the sun.
 Getting the feeling I was being watched I gazed upward, spying this little chap watching the watcher.
 Cooing to him quietly embracing the opportunity to connect with him, treasured interactions such as this make me grateful of being present enough to see what is truly important in my life, grateful for my ability to view the boons of love that encircle me as I walk the path of life................

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