Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Returning To.....

 Returning to the folds of kinship to join in ceremony to see out the passing of 2012 and welcoming in 2013 has been a tonic for my soul.
Watching the abundance of life that resides within the boundaries of this sacred space brings endless joy to my being. 
Watching a pair of black cockatoo's as they chattered in a nearby field was enchanting, as these precious beings are loosing their homes as acre upon acre of bushland is bulldozed for the greedy land development corporations.
Each time I come here I am blessed to see so many species of the bird folk that are no longer present within the city limits, a sad reminder of humanities destruction, thus making these visual encounters all the more special.
 To listen to the incessant cackling of the resident hens, all happily foraging for tasty morsel to eat, living the true free range dream, never confined, always free to wander in peace and safety.
This petite lady though was sitting her little nest sweltering in the oppressive heat, sadly though, the eggs are not fertile, so her dedication to hatching her brood will not gift her with any chicks, still she sits regardless of the heat, waiting, waiting, waiting.
 A new face at the tipi is Pud the cat, who came rushing up to me as soon as I arrived meowing and purring sharing her feline love, a fabulous way to be greeted.

And a lovely addition to the animal kin who call this divine piece of Pachamama home, her feline energy adding a new dimension to this glorious place.
Luckily the temperature began to drop as we headed to into the tipi to prepare for the nights circle, to begin a ceremony of honouring endings, and beginnings. 
With finishing touches being attended to, I sat in peaceful gratitude for having been called back in to the welcoming arms of this community.
Outside the calls of birdsong drifted in on the slowly building breeze, rustling leaves whispering hymns of love signifying the onset of a new time. 
Slowly we all took our places, preparing for a night of joyful sharing.

As spiralling energy entered from above descending its vibrant boon upon all present, below us the earth pulsated in unison, rising to join the heavenly force, merging as One to cleanse and balance us all.
An evening of ritual, music, chanting, toning and song, what a perfect way to release the old stagnated vibrations and pave the way for the tomorrows yet to come.
With intentions shared it was time to begin, as the agnihotra fires burned in the four directions I allowed myself to meld into the flames, closing my eyes and as the music began I became entwined with each beat of the drums, carried away even further into the realms of Oneness as the melody of the flute lead me deeper into tranquillity.
Returning to the ways of the ancestors ignites a deep seated remembrance within me, and reminds me where my path is headed.

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