Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Spent Yesterday......

 I spent yesterday zooming along in the foothills, just watching the scenery rolling past.
 It is always therapeutic for me to venture up in the hills, seeing a landscape as yet untouched by the devastating land corporations who are raping the lands around where I live, destroying everything they can get their hands on, their disrespect for life is deeply disturbing for me.
 Here though, apart from the road and the odd farm house, nature is in harmony, trees to be  seen for mile upon mile, the way it should be.
 I often feel that I have been born in the wrong time, and live in the wrong place, however, perhaps my reason to be is to radiate my compassion out for all those who still slumber to the glory of natures kin.
Perhaps my own humble light is enough to illuminate sparks of remembrance  in others.
Praying that one day, ALL of humanity will remember that we and the trees, plants, animals, reptiles, insects, birds or fish, we are all One and should reside in a world of perfect harmony and peace.......

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